We strive to not only provide transport to discerning global travelers quickly and conveniently, but as climate change moves to the forefront of social conversation, Mallard Enterprises looks to minimize environmental impact and offset the carbon footprint of the aircraft so our clients can continue to soar. Mallard Enterprises has worked for several years formulating the path to bring a modernized amphibious Mallard back to the sky and water. The proven and iconic Mallard aircraft has been upgraded with the latest glass cockpit, GPS navigation technology, and fuel efficient environmentally friendly engines. 


Our team works closely with vendors across North America, Asia, & Europe to challenge their portfolios and pursue futures beyond the industry standard. The new innovations to the Mallard will bring a new perspective on seaplanes and an edge to the water. The Mallard Enterprises design and production team recognizes the unique engineering challenges and technical constraints the aviation sector demands. A clear knowledge of those parameters is fundamental to discovering innovation opportunities and delivering them to our clients. 


The Mallard is produced in Brunswick, Maine, USA with Clear span open bay hangers for manufacturing space, overhead cranes, three phase power, wired with high-speed single mode fiber optic network connectivity, new efficient LED lights and radiant heat, emergency back-up generator and Aqueous Fire Fighting Foam systems in place. Our facility provides a runway with modern navigation aides and light local air traffic. Mallard Enterprises provides easy customer access and is in close proximity to both freshwater and saltwater landing areas. 


Seeing the world with different eyes is what drives us. We look to dedicate every possible moment in shaping the future of aviation and travel. Everyday we move one step forward – with our ideas, our passion, and our vision for future aviation. 


Our world is facing enormous challenges and changes. We see these changes as opportunities for improvement and room for new vision growth. Our team uses these challenges to improve the expected quality of cabin air systems by using state of the art air ionization systems as well as lighting solutions for not only cleaner cabins but energy efficient cabins.